Malvern Festival of Innovation Return!

Taking place in our Lewis Lecture Theatre, Dr Edmund Hunt will be speaking at the Embarkation Launch Event on Monday 8th October. Dr Edmund Hunt is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Bristol, where he is working with Dr Sabine Hauert on swarm robotics in the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

Then on Thursday 11th October for The Festival Dinner in being held in our Gryphon Room facility with their guest speaker, Hilary Sutcliffe (Director of SocietyInside).

Friday afternoon sees the Creative Careers Talk aimed at senior school students interested in science, technology, engineering and design.  As well as Pete Hill, ‘ from garage workshop to Dragon’s Den’ providing an interesting talk, Jaguar Land Rover will also be speaking and bringing along a Jaguar iPACE electric car which has only just gone into production after years of design and development.  The information given to students will enable them to apply their interests and knowledge when launching a career in the creative economy.  The event is free to attend but schools need to register in advance.

If you are interested in the events or require more information, click here.