On Malvern's Radar

Malvern College is collaborating with QinetiQ to mark the seventieth anniversary of the development of Radar in Malvern. A number of events have been held to mark this significant milestone, including a black tie dinner hosted by Malvern Events on 24th May at which Peter Luff MP was the guest speaker.

It was during the Second World War that the UK's Telecommunications Research Establishment (TRE) moved to Malvern College. King George VI and the Queen are pictured visiting the TRE at Malvern in 1944.

This turned out to be the precursor of Malvern finding itself at the heart of the development of technology using radio frequency electromagnetic energy, and the invention of radar by Robert Watson-Watt and his colleagues, as a defence system enabling the Royal Air Force and its allies to detect German aircraft.

In the intervening years, Great Malvern has become synonymous with advanced R & D in the fields of electronics, telecommunications and allied systems. A large number of highly qualified scientists work in this high-security military environment which has resulted in Malvern being able to boast one of the largest densities of PhDs in the UK.

QinetiQ came into being in 2000 with the privatisation of the various defence and research bodies working for the Ministry of Defence. Today QinetiQ is the world's leading defence technology and security company.

There is plenty more to read on this fascinating aspect of Malvern's history athttp://www.malvernbeacon.com/ and at www.qinetiq.com